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Cameleon Plus | Universal Fixture | CAM02.142

by Celette
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Cameleon Plus: Cam02.142, this set is an advanced level stand-alone set for users who require to have not just a tool to repair a damaged vehicle, but a solution with extra fixtures. With 14 sliding blocks and additional standard plates, adapters for horizontal and multi-angle fixtures. The advanced level solution for fixing the front and rear bumper, fixing the front MacPherson strut, and rear shock absorber. In addition, the set consists of two universal holding devices which facilitate extra anchoring and holding position to the vertical fixing points.

The Cameleon is adaptable to all of the existing Celette standard tools: benches, cross-members, towers, and universal pistons. The Cameleon is a uniquely customization tool that could be used for all car makes and models.

The Celette Cameleon is an adaptive fixture set that can be purchased to make jigs for any vehicle in the Celette database. A measuring system is not required to set the fixtures so you can keep your existing measuring system for documentation purposes or upgrade to Naja 3D measuring system. A set up sheet is generated by the Cameleon software that you can then adapt according to the type of repair required. For instance, you can do a diagnostic set up to check various locations on the vehicle. You can fix the vehicle to the bench for pulling or changing components. You can do setups with suspension in or out, or in on the front and out on the back or vice versa. The software allows you to remove fixtures not required or rotate and move fixtures if a component of the vehicle is in the way. 3 different kits are available depending on your needs; Entry, Premium, and Plus.


  • Flexible and Adaptable to all vehicles
  • Productive - Easy to set up. With unmatched simplicity of implementation, and time-saving
  • Intuitive assembly layout facilitates quick construction of Cameleon fixtures
  • Precise accuracy
  • Online 3D software ensures the vehicle database is always up-to-date
  • Complete solution for measuring/diagnosis, anchoring, re-construction, and repair with a unique technique for all the vehicles in the segment
  • Works seamlessly with other Celette products
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software interface enables faster learning by auto body technicians and managers
  • Twice as efficient in terms of productivity compared to other electronic measuring systems
  • Diagnostic, Pre and Post report by Celette universal jig system can be created and sent to insurance company or customers