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by Celette
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Lifting capacity 2,500KG/5,500lbs
Lifting height 1300 mm/51 inches
Height when closed 110 mm/4.3 inches
Length 3.79 m/149 inches
Max pulling force 10 t
Air required 8 bar
Power 110 volt or 230 volt (please specify)

A quick straightening workstation for outer skin damages of passenger cars. This includes fenders, side panels, sills as well as minor repairs of damage to front and rear side members. Repairs can be done efficiently by simply driving over, lifting and anchoring.
The pulling unit, equipped with 10 t pulling force, can be connected directly to the X-ONE and can be lifted together with the vehicle and platform to provide the user with a convenient working position.
The X-ONE can also be equipped and extended with an adapter kit for the NAJA 3D electronic measuring system, which allows measurements as well as computer-aided repair work. In the package below the vehicle maintains its road going conditions due to lifting from the wheels and holding by the sill clamps. This is important for panel alignment during repair.