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EasyFlex Panel Stand | 800

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The EasyFlex is an all-in-one panel stand which can hold any panel of any shape and size. It eliminates the need to purchase specialized stands for painting bumpers, hoods, and doors.

Manufactured in Denmark, it is designed and built to the highest quality.

Approved and used by several manufacturers including Tesla, Porsche, Ford and Mazda the FLEXIBLE paint stand saves time, money and makes the painters life easier.

  • No need for additional stands for doors, hoods or fenders; this takes them all! Easyflex with its versatility and super quick setup functions does the work of 2 to 3 competing stands.
  • Any panel position up to nearly 360 degrees
  • Moves one handed, no pin locking
  • Allows you to stop and hold bumpers or panels at any position you need with ease
  • Adjusts vertically/horizontally
  • Allowing for great accessibility to any parcel and most bumper during prep and painting
  • Process small parts with ease
  • Using the small parts attachments, you can process any number of small parts with ease (available separately)
  • Easy clean technology & durability
  • Each stand is electro-galvanised making it extremely durable and easy to clean without rusting. Couple this with third party coatings your stand can last 2x - 3x longer than competing stands.