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🇨🇦 Free shipping on orders over $200

Our Suppliers


Celette is famous for their universal fixture solution called Cameleon. Cameleon comprises two dedicated toolboxes that, along with a computer system, allow you to build any jig for any vehicle from the oldest to the newest and future vehicles; Cameleon has you covered. New from Celette is the NAJA 3D measuring system. The NAJA 3D Electronic measuring system is one of the worlds most advanced and user-friendly measuring system in this industry. The newest bench from Celette is the Smart Rhone which is a drive-on lift-up bench that can be used for minor repairs with the measuring system right up to heavy damage with Dedicated Jigs or Cameleon universal jig.


Wielander and Schill  

Wielander+Schill works hand in hand with the OEM level to provide specialty repair tools for many OEM programs. Their MIG welders, Spot welders, and Rivet guns are certified for most OEM programs, making them a great choice if you seek multiple certifications. The Xpress800 rivet gun is very well priced and is Ford, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, GM and JLR certified. Their catalogue has many specialized tools and drill bits you may be looking for.


Pro Spot  

Pro Spot specializes in quality welding and repair products for the collision repair industry. They are a US manufacturer producing various products, from Spot Welders, MIG Welders and Rivet Guns to Dustless Sanders and dent pullers. They still provide spare parts for some of their oldest products. We were one of the first Pro Spot distributors in Canada.


Miracle System 

Miracle System is the famous Panel Repair system from Japan. A high-quality system made from Titanium and Aluminum will last over 20 years. We stock every nut, bolt, screw and wheel required to keep this system running forever. A quality dent-pulling system is one product that makes you money by helping you repair panels quicker and with higher quality than traditional systems. Single-point pulling with a slide hammer and lever bar will no longer cut it on today's vehicles' new high-tensile thin panels. With Steel, Aluminum, and Glue kits available, there is a kit for every budget.