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  • Resistance to Change | Collision Industry Blog | Training - Titanium Tools & Equipment
    January 19, 2023

    Resistance to Change

    This type of mentality is prevalent in the Bodyshop industry, and I see it all the time during training and while doing service. The fantastic thing is, generally, their entire attitude toward it changes once I have shown them how to use the equipment properly. They become excited and suddenly can’t wait to try it on their next job.
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  • How Flexible Are Your Automotive Paint Stands?
    December 8, 2022

    How Flexible Are Your Automotive Paint Stands?

    Our Flexible Paint Stands are well-designed with large durable rubber tires that gracefully glide across shop floor surfaces with ease and never get stuck anywhere due to the size and durable design. Our stands are also able to compact into a narrow standing position saving lots of space and allowing for easy storage either up on a hanging mount or in a storage locker. All our Flexible Paint Stands are manufactured in Denmark by FK Teknik/Design and made with an electro-galvanized nickel coating which allows for easy cleaning. These are some benefits of our automotive paint stands that others do not offer. 


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  • Collision Industry Blog | Titanium Toosl & Equipment
    October 6, 2022

    Stats, Facts, & Random Thoughts - The Pilot

    After reading Steve’s and Errol’s recent blog posts, I started thinking about the changes I have seen working within the collision industry and thought to share some facts, stats, and random info from courses I have attended. All of these plus the pressures of time - the one thing we cannot accumulate or carry forward, 86400 seconds pass daily, and once the clock strikes 12 the bank resets; onward to tomorrow and a chance to do better.  Time, which we never seem to have enough each workday coupled with many changes in recent years are all factors that contribute to techs struggling with repairs on today's vehicles.

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  • How To Become An Excellent MIG Welder
    September 14, 2022

    How To Become An Excellent MIG Welder

    Quality training, combined with active participation and even the smallest amount of practice time, can hugely increase a technician’s confidence in approaching their work and also improve the quality of their repairs. This is a win for both the Body Shop and the technician as the shop is able to take on larger, more complicated repairs, and the tech is happy and confident in their ability to carry out these jobs in a profitable manner.
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  • Journey With Sean (Titanium Tools & Equipment)
    September 2, 2022

    Journey With Sean

    Titanium Tools & Equipment and the people within are tightly focused. Our products are engineered, precise, high quality, and OEM certified. We as a group are trained and committed to delivering at the same level as the products we sell.

    One difference I see is that the equipment upgrades have brought OEM repair plans to the forefront, which in turn have driven shops to adapt quickly to years of OEM changes compressed into a short time frame. Less reacting, more proactivity. This has been refreshing. I'm listening to shop owners and managers who have responded in kind and are proud of it.

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  • Miracle System Glue Kit
    August 26, 2022

    Miralce System Glue Kit

    Now you can do glue repair with tools compatible with the miracle system as well as many other glue systems currently on the market today. Star company has created a glue system like no other.

    This glue kit comes with various tabs of various shapes and sizes grooved to perfection to allow the glue to adhere to the tabs properly for a better grip and hold when you are doing your pulls. 

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  • How to Power Your Spot Welder | Titanium Tools and Equipment
    July 12, 2022

    The False Economy of Not Wiring Correctly for Your Spot Welder

    In Europe, spot welders run on 440 or 400 volts but in Canada, a spot welder runs on 208 volts. This means you have a lot less power available to make a spot weld which means your welder must work harder in Canada to make an equivalent weld. If you further impact that by not providing the welder with the correct power the welder will in most cases still work but it affects the welder long term. It's like putting 89 octane in your car when it requires 93.
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  • FORD RIVETS | Titanium Tools and Equipment
    June 13, 2022


    A good example of this is the FORD F-150. This vehicle from FORD requires the use of NINE different sizes of Self Piercing Rivets (SPRs) and also FOUR different types of 6.5mm Blind Rivets. Unfortunately, the reality is that the responsibility to use the proper Rivets lies solely with the technician who is repairing the vehicle. The Rivets used in their repairs should always come from a FORD dealer or a supplier who has FORD Certified Rivets. Using non-approved rivets in a FORD repair can result in a multitude of problems, not least the safety of the vehicle being compromise.
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  • La Bonne Option, Le Bon Outil, La Bonne Technique.
    April 26, 2022

    La Bonne Option, Le Bon Outil, La Bonne Technique.

    De nos jours, les constructeurs ont proscrit certaines méthodes de travail pour réparer correctement leurs véhicules. Pourquoi disons-nous cela? Parce que par le passé, les véhicules étaient réparés d'une manière qui pouvait être dangereuse pour vous et les autres usagers...

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