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Free shipping on orders over $200
Airopower - The Mini Frame Machine
Airopower - The Mini Frame Machine

The Mini Frame Machine

Don't buy another frame machine, buy the Airopower 53. About 60% of all sheet metal pulls can be done with Airopower 53.
Airopower 53 Learn More
Celette Rhone XL 4.2T | Autobody Bench
Celette Rhone XL 4.2T | Autobody Bench

Rhone XL 4.2T Bench + Lift

The Rhone XL 4.2T is 5.8M/19’0” long and has a capacity of 4200kg/9259lbs.
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Xpress800 Rivet Gun | Handheld, Pnuematic Rivet Gun
Xpress800 Rivet Gun | Handheld, Pnuematic Rivet Gun

Xpress 800 Riveting System

The innovative technique for the professional car body repairer with quick-stop and quick-lock capabilities.
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Miracle Steel | Panel Repair | Dent Pulling
Miracle Steel | Panel Repair | Dent Pulling

Miracle Steel

The only thing better than a new panel is the original. Choose any kit from our unique collection to suit your need and budget.
Miracle Steel Kits
Celette Cameleon - The Universal Fixture Solution
Celette Cameleon - The Universal Fixture Solution

The Universal Fixture Solution

The Celette Cameleon is an adaptive fixture set that can be purchased to make jigs for any vehicle in the Celette database. A set up sheet is generated by the Cameleon software that you can then adapt according to the type of repair required.
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Pro Spot i4s Smart Spot Welder
Pro Spot i4s Smart Spot Welder

Pro Spot i4s Smart Spot Welder

The i4s Smart Spot Welder features all the things technicians love about the i4 and more. Built in training provides technicians with immediate resources to get the job done faster than ever. With our WiFi connectivity, you will receive automatic updates from Pro Spot and weld log reporting via email.
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Mini-Ductor Venom in Action
Mini-Ductor Venom in Action

Mini-Ductor Venom

Experience fast, safe, and damage-free removal of seized nuts, bolts, bearings, fasteners, sensors, exterior trim, vinyl graphics, and more.
Venom Venom HP
Wielanderd+Schill Xpress 800 Rivet Gun and Accessories
Wielanderd+Schill Xpress 800 Rivet Gun and Accessories

Wielander+Schill Riveting System

We carry a large array of riveting products including riveting kits, workstations, toolboxes, spare parts, and consumables.
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Training Centre (Area-22)

“Where the collision industry comes to learn" A fully functioning and equipped training centre for training all aspects of the body repair. Including: Spot welding, MIG welding, panel repair, frame repair and measuring. Scheduled to be ready in 2023. Check back soon for updates.



We’ve purchased several parts and tools from them over the years and
their service always exceeds expectations. They are very quick to ship
the items ordered and everything always arrives exactly as promised.
They are more than willing to work with you on your specific needs and
their customer service is second to none. I can’t say enough good
things about them!
Matt is a superstar, and we look forward to purchasing more tools from them in the future!

Don-Mor Carstar

Back in 2015 when our shop, Precision Auto Body, decided to upgrade some equipment, we were told by an industry rep to call Matt Bannister. We talked with Matt a few times on the phone and he was very quick to make the 5+ hour trip up to see us and visit our shop. We discussed some different options with him and made our order. A few weeks later once everything had arrived Matt loaded up their sprinter with everything and made the trek north again with his new road salesmen, Errol. I believe we were Errol's first delivery with Titanium, and even though he was new to the industry he already knew a lot about the equipment they were delivering. Fast forward 6 years and Errol and their tech staff have been great to deal with, always quick to answer any questions or help troubleshoot any issues (very small) we have had with our equipment. If they did not have the answer they were quick to get it for us. I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase quality repair equipment.

Zach Manners

We use Titanium Tools for a lot of our equipment from the Xpress800 to the Miracle system. They have been a very good support for us and they service us really well. This company looks out for their customers and helps them out. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

David D'Addio

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  • Resistance to Change | Collision Industry Blog | Training - Titanium Tools & Equipment
    January 19, 2023

    Resistance to Change

    This type of mentality is prevalent in the Bodyshop industry, and I see it all the time during training and while doing service. The fantastic thing is, generally, their entire attitude toward it changes once I have shown them how to use the equipment properly. They become excited and suddenly can’t wait to try it on their next job.
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  • How Flexible Are Your Automotive Paint Stands?
    December 8, 2022

    How Flexible Are Your Automotive Paint Stands?

    Our Flexible Paint Stands are well-designed with large durable rubber tires that gracefully glide across shop floor surfaces with ease and never get stuck anywhere due to the size and durable design. Our stands are also able to compact into a narrow standing position saving lots of space and allowing for easy storage either up on a hanging mount or in a storage locker. All our Flexible Paint Stands are manufactured in Denmark by FK Teknik/Design and made with an electro-galvanized nickel coating which allows for easy cleaning. These are some benefits of our automotive paint stands that others do not offer. 


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  • Collision Industry Blog | Titanium Toosl & Equipment
    October 6, 2022

    Stats, Facts, & Random Thoughts - The Pilot

    After reading Steve’s and Errol’s recent blog posts, I started thinking about the changes I have seen working within the collision industry and thought to share some facts, stats, and random info from courses I have attended. All of these plus the pressures of time - the one thing we cannot accumulate or carry forward, 86400 seconds pass daily, and once the clock strikes 12 the bank resets; onward to tomorrow and a chance to do better.  Time, which we never seem to have enough each workday coupled with many changes in recent years are all factors that contribute to techs struggling with repairs on today's vehicles.

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