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How Flexible Are Your Automotive Paint Stands?

How Flexible Are Your Automotive Paint Stands?

We recently attended SEMA 2022, our first one back in 3 years. We would like to thank all who came by to visit us and hope everyone enjoyed the time back in vegas. Let’s talk about our paint stands and help shop owners understand the difference between our stands and others. Most stands have small caster wheels that during travel can get caught up in drainage grates and get stuck and damaged.

Our Flexible Paint Stands are well-designed with large durable rubber tires that gracefully glide across shop floor surfaces with ease and never get stuck anywhere due to the size and durable design. Our stands are also able to compact into a narrow standing position saving lots of space and allowing for easy storage either up on a hanging mount or in a storage locker.

All our Flexible Paint Stands are manufactured in Denmark by FK Teknik/Design and made with an electro-galvanized nickel coating which allows for easy cleaning. These are some benefits of our automotive paint stands that others do not offer. 

The two most popular stands we offer are the Small Parts Tree Stand and the EasyFlex Panel Stand. The small parts tree stand is designed as the name indicates, specifically for small parts like door handles, side mirror covers & gas tank covers. Most shops have made small homemade hanging devices to go in the paint booths for their small parts but FK Teknik/Design has designed a small stand that looks like a small tree with multiple snap extensions that have 5 attachments to add 2 types of consoles. One is called a snap grip and the other is a squeeze out to help hold these small parts on the tree when they go into the paint booth. These have been a huge success and customers have found them to be a hot item in the Flexible Paint Stand Line. The EasyFlex Panel Paint stand is designed to hold almost any panel and has multiple uses. Very basic and yet very versatile. This is definitely a stand that should be in every shop. Based on customer feedback and sales these two stands are the ones we process the most from buyers across Canada. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


Errol Cowan (Sales Representative)
Titanium Tools and Equipment Inc.

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