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Resistance to Change

As a service technician, it pains me to walk into a Bodyshop and see an expensive piece of collision repair equipment sitting unused in the corner, covered in dust. Unfortunately, this happens to me at least once a week. When I ask the technicians why they aren’t using this particular item, the answers are typically the same. 


“We’ve never once been shown how to use it.” 
“That thing is a piece of crap! I just use my old one.” 
“It’s too complicated, and it’s only going to give me a headache.”
“I already know how to fix cars.”


This type of mentality is prevalent in the Bodyshop industry, and I see it all the time during training and while doing service. The fantastic thing is, generally, their entire attitude toward it changes once I have shown them how to use the equipment properly. They become excited and suddenly can’t wait to try it on their next job.

I have converted many nonbelievers from MIG Plug Welding to Automatic Spot Welding in a matter of minutes this way. They will see no reason to change to using the Spot welder until I can prove to them that the Spot Welding method of repair will be much easier, cleaner, and, most importantly, faster for them.

Another example is when I teach Silicon Bronze Brazing courses. The sheet metals of today’s cars are getting thinner and thinner, which makes them increasingly harder to weld. With the reintroduction of Silicon Bronze Brazing to the collision industry, many newer welding machines can now use this new material. The advantage is that Brazing uses almost 1000 degrees less heat than regular MIG welding to bind two pieces of steel together. Unfortunately, many technicians are unaware of these types of benefits that they have available to them. They, therefore, see no use in making the change to an unfamiliar process.

My above observations further highlight the need for proper training when purchasing expensive collision repair equipment for your business. Even if you save money on the original purchase, if no one can properly show your technicians how they will benefit from your equipment investment, I can guarantee they will not use it. Instead, you will be left with a very expensive dust collector. As a result, it is essential to ensure technicians are adequately trained.


Stephen Prendergast (Technical Service Specialist)
Titanium Tools and Equipment Inc. 

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