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Journey With Sean (Titanium Tools & Equipment)

Journey With Sean

The time seemed to pass so rapidly.  9 years less than 1 month if I am specific.  I sat in my then-new office and started a journey. Since that time I transitioned roles and took a year away from the collision industry. Today, already 1 month has passed and I have gone full circle. I am seated in my new office writing this in part, to plan my new journey.  There are some differences aside from time and age. Titanium Tools & Equipment and the people within are tightly focused. Our products are engineered, precise, high quality, and OEM certified. We as a group are trained and committed to delivering at the same level as the products we sell. 

I have begun the process of reconnecting with the Collision Industry, the shops, owners and managers, and the people within. The response has been positive and welcoming. One difference I see is that the equipment upgrades have brought OEM repair plans to the forefront, which in turn have driven shops to adapt quickly to years of OEM changes compressed into a short time frame. Less reacting, more proactivity. This has been refreshing. I'm listening to shop owners and managers who have responded in kind and are proud of it. 

My re-introductions are not complete, as BC draws to a close, Alberta and Saskatchewan are ahead beckoning, Many will be introductions and new starts. Now as I sit back and reflect on some musings sent somewhere into the cloud, the blank stare is gone. I have taken another step closer to my goal. I return to my planning, sprinkled with calls, emails, and Shop visits. I’m bringing a refreshed view, renewed energy, and a desire to continue making a difference as small as it may be. I’m hoping we cross paths in the near future.


By Sean Skoropat (West-Coast Representative)
     Titanium Tools and Equipment Inc.

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