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Free Shipping on Orders Over $200 🇨🇦 We Provide Training and Repair on Everything We Sell
🇨🇦 Free shipping on orders over $200
Our New Website

Our New Website

Welcome to our new website. Our goal is to provide a website with information on new products you may need for OEM certification, provide you with spare parts and consumables you need quickly and easily for the equipment you already have. Pay with your credit card and rack up those airline points for when you can travel again. Save on shipping when you spend $200 and above.
Please check back with us regularly as we add more information and parts to make running your shop easier.

COVID-19 Update

Titanium Tools and Equipment is open to serve you during this difficult time. If things are slow this may be a good time to get your spot welder or MIG welder serviced or to ensure your equipment is functioning properly and you have no broken or worn accessories.

Electrical Plug and Socket Inspection

Some often-neglected item are the plugs and sockets you use to power your equipment. All connections should be tights and there should be no wires showing or cracked plastic. This is a safety issue, but also something that can damage your equipment over time. A loose wire on your spot welder can cause early failure. A bad ground could be fatal. It’s also a good idea to keep a spare spot-welder plug in stock, as some have to be special ordered by your electrician.

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