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MultiFlex Deluxe Bumper Stand on Easy Trolley | 190

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The MultiFlex can carry any bumper in any shape or size without the need of extension arms. It gives the flexibility to position the bumper at the same angle as on the car, making the bottom edges and other hard to reach areas easily accessible. It pivots and rotates for ultimate flexibility.

With the Multiflex, there is no need to move bumpers from one stand to another. The Multiflex handles the entire process (repair, prep, and paint) easier and faster. It features automatically adjusting arms and multiple bumper securing options to ensure the bumpers are securely held.

  • Danish Engineered & Manufactured
  • Scratch & Rust Resistant
  • 30 Seconds Setup Time
  • Quickly Sand, Prep And Paint Bumpers All On One Stand
  • 180 Degree Rotation Forward / Backwards
  • Over 180 Degree Lateral Motion (Left/Right)
  • Extends Left, Right, Up, & Down
  • Tilts Left & Right
  • Vertically Adjustable (Up/Down)
  • 5 Bumper Securing Options, No Need For Additional Accessories
  • Fast Turning & Ability to Lock Into Any Position
  • Removable Easy to Clean Securing Options
  • Folds Away Flat, Saving Shop Space
  • Hard Wearing Nickel Plated Precision Steel Construction
  • Industrial Rubber Wheels. Easy to Roll Into Split Entry Booths
  • Small Parts Attachment Compatible