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SP-5.3 | 3 Phase Smart Double Pulse MIG Welder

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The new Pro Spot SP-5.3 SMART Double Pulse MIG welder, is a 3 phase welder with microprocessor controls provide excellent welding performance on any materials and any thickness, regardless of weld time.

3 Phase MIG Welder
Industrial strength and ready for heavy welding applications in the shop.

Auto Switching
To switch welding different base metals, simply pick up the appropriate torch and pull the trigger, the microprocessor and weld programs do the rest.

Double Pulse
Safely and confidently repair aluminum and steel with automatically controlled pulse welding.

MIG Welding
Features three MIG welding torches and wire spools. Also includes preloaded weld programs and synergistic curves for all common welding situations in automotive repair.

Multiple Welding Processes
Accessing multiple applications is as simple as pressing a button and making your selection.

  • 3ph. Machine

  • Multi-process CC/CV

  • MIG/MAG Double Pulse Function

  • Root Welding Function

  • Multiple Welding Processes

  • Auto Switching
  • USB Port For Upgrades, Parameter Saves and Diagnostics

  • LCD Display Provides Full Information To The Operator

  • 12A Minimum Welding Current
  • User Defined Memories

  • Multi-Torch System
Technical Specifications
Input Voltage: Three Phases
220-400V 30A 50-60Hz


Min - Max:
MIG - 20A/15V - 350A/31.5V
MMA - 5A/20.2V - 270A/30.8V
TIG - 5A/10.2V - 350A/24V

Protection: IP 22
Insulation: H
Shipping Weight: 137lb (62kg)