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WDT-250 Water Drain Cleaning Tool | 801110

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Approved and tested by Volkswagen AG.

The WDT-250 cleaning device is used to clean the water drains on the sunroof. Soiling caused by leaves or other residues can be easily removed. All commercially available standard cordless screwdrivers can be used as the drive. The tool consists of a wire holder with a closing lid for the adaptation of the cordless drill. It is driven by a standard cordless drill and the cleaning shaft is a special shaft with flocking.

  • Flexibility and robustness: The tool has a flexible cleaning probe, which can still be pushed without kinking and also withstands direct successive changes of direction.
  • Compliance with the latest technical requirements: The material is so elastic that it can be used in the new, tighter successive radii.
  • Easier working: Any standard cordless screwdriver can be used as the drive. Investment in the future: Cleaning can be offered to the customer as an additional service.
  • By cleaning clogged drains, water damage to the vehicle can be avoided.
    Technical Data
    • Packing unit: 1 pc.
    • Material: Plastic
    • Diameter: 140 mm
    • Length: 165 mm
    Delivery Contents
    • 1x basic device with wire holder
    • 1x special shaft with flock 250 cm
    • 1x protective hose
    • 1x instruction manual

    Note: Note a cordless screwdriver is not included.

    Water Drain Cleaning Tool Flyer Here