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WT1000 - Corrosion Prevention Concentrate | 470008

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Cooling System for Invertaspot GT Automatic

Comes in use with all welding machines, especially spot welders. Protects the sensitive surfaces against corrosion by the use of cooling water. Protects especially all electronic components, the copper cables and copper electrodes from contact-corrosion.

150ml are enough for 80l of cooling water.

When operating spot welding systems with cooling water, electrolysis is formed due to the current. This can lead to demineralisation of the water. In backlash, the cooling water will withdraw lost minerals from the surrounding. Say: from the electronic components, out of copper cables and copper electrodes. To stop these chemical reactions, it is indispensable to protect all components, which are in contact with water. The WT1000 corrosion prevention concentrate fulfils the requirements against contact-corrosion. Just 150ml of WT1000 are enough for 80l cooling water. Another step to save our environment.

Technical Data:
  • Packing unit: 1 pc.
  • Content: 150 ml
  • Specifics: Concentrate