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X-Adapter Arm for i5 Smart Spot Welder | CX-i5

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Water Cooled C to X adapter arm for the i5 Smart Spot Welder.

A Perfect Fit
The all new C2X Adapter was completely redesigned to weld with full force in Auto Weld Mode, the industry's first. There is no need to switch back and forth between programs. Put the new C2X Arm on the i5 and start welding.

Simple and Strong
No assembly needed. No cables needed. No more electrode changes needed. The current is transferred via a pivoting copper conductor which also allows for the buildup of electrode force.

X-Type Design
The X-type design is used on certain applications where the C-type arms cannot reach. 90% of all welding needs can be done with a C-type arm, but for some radiator support and truck bed pinch welds, the X-adapter is priceless. This invention from Pro Spot now makes it possible to weld where you never could before!