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The Importance of Service when Making a Buying Decision

The Importance of Service when Making a Buying Decision

With the introduction of high-tech features and materials in today’s modern vehicles, the evolution of repair processes, and the auto body shop equipment involved has dramatically changed in just the last few years. Today’s automotive repair shops have found that they need to invest in expensive and heavy duty equipment if they wish to remain competitive in this fast changing industry.

This equipment can come with a costly initial financial investment and will often lead a buyer to base their purchasing decision solely on the price of the equipment. The danger of this type of decision making is that they neglect to remember that like any high-tech equipment, their repair equipment is eventually going to experience breakdowns and need service also.

The cost to a body shop of having a vital piece of equipment breakdown can be astronomical. It is important to remember that not all companies who sell such expensive and technical equipment also offer full service support for all of their products like Titanium Tools and Equipment does. This means if you cannot get someone to come fix your equipment, production cannot continue, and the shop comes to a stand-still.

Suddenly, all of the money that you thought you saved in your initial purchase has been lost and then some. This is why it is so important to purchase equipment from a company that also offers full service and maintenance to everything they sell.

That is just one reason Titanium Tools and Equipment is an innovator in the collision industry and why our customers love us and continue to do business with us year after year.


- Stephen Prendergast (Technical Service Specialist)
  Titanium Tools and Equipment Inc.

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