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What Exactly is the Cost of Purchase?

What Exactly is the Cost of Purchase?

Cost of purchase. What exactly is Cost of purchase? It is the time it takes to find and buy something that you want or need equated in $.

When this is a personal item that involves a trip to the mall or browsing on Amazon then this is usually a pleasure. When this is a part for your MIG welder or Spot welder that your top tech has just walked into your office with in his hand, this is money flowing out the door and the clock starts at that moment.

What do you do? Call the guy that sold it to you? But what if he does not answer?...the clock is still ticking. He calls you back 1 hr later when you are doing something else. Together you figure out which machine it is for and which part you need and then he says. Let me check if we have it and/or how quickly I can get it to you. How long does all these processes take? The clock is still ticking, and your Tech is not producing.

Now if this person searching for this $50 dollar part is being paid $30 per hour and these processes take an hour then the cost of purchase is $30, but you must also consider that your Techs usually bill out at $120 per hour so the cost of purchase really is $120 for this $50 part. If you are an MSO with 20 stores and this happens once a month this all adds up to a whole lot of money and time.

What if you could go on a website, find your exact welder and detailed information to get the right part, right away? If you can instantly see if the part is in stock and ask a question on the live chat? If you can place the order with your credit card to collect points for that family vacation, get a tracking number, and receipt, send the receipt to accounting and have the part show up next day?

At, you can do exactly that! Visit us for your auto body tools and equipment. We work with world leading manufacturer's of professional car body repair tools and equipment like; Pro Spot, Wielander+Schill, Celette, Star (Miracle System), Dent Fix, Induction Innovations, Shinano Inc., and WRD Auto Glass Tools.


- Matt Bannister (CEO)
  Titanium Tools and Equipment Inc.

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