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Full Miracle Kit A on 2 Wagons | MS-SS-A7-10Z-01

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Why Choose the Full Miracle Kit A?

The full miracle kit represents a total concept in panel repair tools that has evolved over 30 years. It provides on mobile trolleys, all the tools required to make a panel repair regardless of the tools individual technicians may have. With the full package, a technician can move to a vehicle knowing he has all the tools in place without having to return to his tool box for hammers or sanders.

The SMS-7Q stud welder is specifically designed to work with the miracle system. Firstly, it welds on contact without pressing a trigger. Secondly, the settings for different tools are clearly marked eliminating guess work on the part of the technician.

Included in this Kit:
  • Miracle Line Puller, 1600 mm and 1200 mm frame with 4 single and 4 double feet | MS-38L
  • Miracle Lever Puller, 1 single foot and 1 double foot | MS-13R
  • Miracle Easy Puller, 7 frames | MS-10Z
  • Miracle Strong Puller, 1 frame with 2 double and 2 single feet | MS-17S
  • Miracle Pet Kit, 3 slide hammers and one hand puller | MS-4P
  • Miracle Hammer Kit, 9 different hammers | MS-9H
  • Miracle Strong Bit | MB-1
  • Miracle Straight Bit | MB-2
  • Miracle Twisted Bit | MB-3
  • Hand Puller Kit (2 pcs.) | MS-5N
  • Gearless Sander Kit, disc size 50 mm | 14401A
  • Miracle Stud Welder 200 volts - 240 volts (welds on contact, no trigger) | SMS-7Q
  • Miracle Wagon 4 Tray Type (Wagon for Miracle Stud) | MWN4-GR
  • Miracle Panel Wagon (Wagon for Miracle System Tools, Silver) | MS-60V-GR
  • Bit Cutter | MBC-01
  • High Tef Oil | INN-03.1177

Disclaimer: The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not include all items pictured. For an accurate list of items in this kit, see "included in this kit" above.