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Free Shipping on Orders Over $200 🇨🇦 We Provide Training and Repair on Everything We Sell
🇨🇦 Free shipping on orders over $200
July Autobody Sales

July Update and Specials

Hello fellow members of the collision repair industry. I hope you all have fared well through this pandemic as we are now on the other side. I have seen that many of you have made improvements to your shops with the extra time and have had an opportunity to work on your business rather than in them.

Titanium has done the same. We have built out our service area with work benches and good lighting as well as ran electrical for testing spot-welders and MIG welders when they need repair. We also have 2 service personnel dedicated to keeping the equipment we sell you up running and to be able to respond quickly. Jay and Steve have received training from the brands we represent, and we have many spare parts in stock and in some case loaner machines.

We have also launched a new website with many of the items you use every day like tips and wires for MIG welders, drill bits, and rivets. All these items we always try to keep in stock, so they are just a click away. There is no need to worry about brokerage charges for shipping across the border and shipping is free when you spend over $200. You can also pay with credit card to build those air miles for that holiday we are all waiting to take.

We have tried to give you as much information as possible, so you know you are ordering the right part and if you have any questions, we are only a click away. For example, if you click on the i4s welder in the Pro Spot section you will also see the component sheet that gives you the part number and where the part is used. If the part is not on our website, you can email us the part number so we can send you an estimate.

If there is something we have missed or can improve please let us know.

Specials - Each month there will be new products on special, so check with us regularly. July's specials are welding blankets and ratchet wrenches.

Some of the items you will see on our site include:
  • Dent Fix products like tram gauges, shunt pliers, and parking sensor cutters
  • Special size drill bits including 6.7mm, 8mm, and 10mm
  • Boron drill bits
  • Pro Spot products like MIG wires including Honda CUSI3 and 5554 Ford
  • MIG welder tips, nozzles, and liners
  • Spot welder caps and shanks
  • Wielander and Schill products like Blind rivets and Self Piercing Rivets (SPR)
  • Saw blades, drill bits and Xpress spare parts
  • Induction Innovations induction heaters including the Mini-Ductor Venom and Mini-Ductor Venom HP
  • DJS Fabrications wheel dollies
  • Celette spare parts
  • Flexible paint stands
  • Miracle System spare parts
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